The mixer is equipped with stirring blades that rotate simultaneously around the vertical axis and a side scraper
which acts on the outer walls to bring the mixture to the center of the mixer.
Long before the Romans built the Pantheon, concrete was an integral part of the development of civilization. Nowadays, concrete is the most used material in the world after water. It is literally the foundation of our modern society and will play an important role in the transition to a low carbon future and climate resilience.
Caractéristiques TEchniques PNA 0.5
Capacité de chargement (m3
) 0.75
Rendement par cycle (m3
/cycle) 0.50
Moteurs de malaxage (kW) 18.5
Étoile de malaxage (n) 1
Palettes de malaxage (n) 2
Bras de gratter 1
Moteur centrale hydraulique (kW) 2.2

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